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DALUS Assist

Find your customer no matter what

Whilst we're confident we have the data for every address you want to get to, there may be rare occasions when the address record may not exist (might be a brand new build that hasn't made it into our database as yet) or you may need to find someone who is not at a physical address location.

Either way, we have you covered with DALUS Assist.  You need to be a Platinum Member to access this feature.

How does it work?  The principle is simple, you call the person you need to get to and explain you will send them an SMS with a link.  Open DALUS Assist, enter their number and tap send.  We will generate an SMS from our system (so you don't pay for the text) and we embed a unique link in the message itself.

Your customer receives the SMS and taps the link.  This opens a new web page with an instruction to tap a location button.  That then populates their precise co-ordinates in the screen and they can then tell you what those co-ordinates are.  You can then add those to an existing or new address record in DALUS and navigate straight there.

The features, functions and content of this application are the sole Intellectual Property and Copyright of  DALUS Technologies Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales number: 11028333
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