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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions from our users.  You can also join our User Groups to share thoughts and ideas with other users of our Address Location platform. You can also access our support team via the Chat feature below.

What is the best way to use DALUS?

The best way of using the App, both to minimise data usage and if you are in an area with limited mobile coverage, is to add addresses to your Route before you leave.  You might do this whilst connected to WiFi before leaving the depot for example.  You then simply navigate to each address in turn from My Route which is stored locally on your device so you don't need to be connected to a network whilst out and about.  See how to create your route HERE

Can I use the app in an area with little or no signal?

Yes. The best way to do this is to add all your delivery points to your Route before heading out.  These details are stored temporarily on your mobile device until you clear the Route and you therefore do not need a signal to access them or navigate. 

Is there a limit to the number of addresses I can add to My Route?

No. You can add as many addresses as you wish to My Route.  If your navigation app crashes for any reason, your route data is unaffected.  Similarly, should you accidentally close the DALUS App, your route is accessible until you clear it so simply log back in and your Route will be available

Can I change the Co-ordinates?

Yes. We provide the co-ordinates to the property, however as an example, sometimes access can be via a track that starts some way from the property itself and the Satnav will not provide the best way of getting there.  You can alter the co-ordinates to the start of the track if that is a better option.  Click HERE for how to do that.

How do I edit an address?

You can add or edit an address record to help you for future visits and all of our other users in turn.  Click HERE for how to do that.

How can I enter the prize draws?

To qualify for our regular prize draws, all you need to do is be a subscriber to the App and make updates to address records to help the user community.  Please also join our community social pages as there are additional prizes for the best suggestions for improvements to the App that we include in future versions.  

Why might my SatNav take me to the wrong place?

Your SatNav will direct you to what it considers to be the nearest access point.  We provide co-ordinates to the property itself, so it may be that the SatNav will direct you to a neighbouring street or nearby road.  You can however adjust the co-ordinates to the end of the drive or access track etc. if that is a better position.  Click HERE for how to do that.

What are the yellow stars for?

The Stars are allocated automatically and are an indication of what information you have available and how reliable the information is.  If a picture or notes are added they are allocated 1 star each.  Further part stars are allocated over time as the address record is used by subscribers without change until all 5 stars are allocated.  The more stars you see, the more proven the data is by other users.

Are there rules for adding pictures?

Yes. You can add pictures via your device's camera or from a gallery image. Pictures should only be of the property or it's access point, whichever you feel is most helpful to other users to locate the property.  Pictures should not include people and if you add an image from another source you should ensure any copyright notice on the image is visible

Do you check what other users are adding?

Yes. We check all pictures added to ensure they comply with the guidelines and remove those that do not. We also verify any changes to co-ordinates to ensure their accuracy and will reverse the change if applicable.  New addresses added are also checked and verified prior to authorisation and finally, notes are checked by the system to ensure their content is appropriate and not offensive.

What are the icons for?

"A picture paints a thousand words".  To help keep the Notes section for guidance, we have given you the ability to add icons to an address record to guide other users (and remind yourself) of any additional useful information, tips and warnings in relation to accessing the property or performing a delivery.  You can see how to add the icons HERE

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