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  • Spencer Taylor

Safety First: Part 1

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Welcome to a two-part series on safety, when working out and about. For Delivery Drivers, the safety aspect shows up in many different forms, from looking out for van damage, personal safety, and getting lost at night in the hills.

It is important to take your time with safety and really get to grips with all the things you have at your disposal. We spoke with the amazing PCSO Hannah Lister, from Police Community Support Whitchurch Safe Neighbourhood, asking if she could give us some advice on how to stay safe whilst out and about.

Thank you so much Hannah for taking the time, to share your advice with us…

Where to start? It's a matter of fact that as Delivery Drivers, we find ourselves traveling to many different areas, more than likely places we haven't been to before. Hannah recommends locking your van, no matter what.

"Keep your vehicle locked when you are not with it, it might add on extra time, but that is a small price to pay for your own safety. Should you be approached by someone threatening you for whatever you are carrying (parcels etc), do not fight, remain clam, hand over whatever they ask for. No parcel is ever worth injuring yourself."

We have to take into consideration the consequences of not making these tiny adjustments, locking your van is an easy but effective action to take when out and about.

We have all lost our cool at some point or another, but when is the right time to use that horn? Not ever in anger! I know it might be tempting, but this could cause more problems and impact your safety. Hannah recommends:

"The only time you should use your horn is when you need to notify a driver that you are there/in danger (e.g they are starting to drift in your lane on a roundabout)."

It's no secret that tensions run high on the run-up to Christmas and you've probably experienced a reaction of some kind, which left you feeling like the messenger that just got shot. Verbal abuse can be a common aspect of the job, but in extreme cases where you feel unsafe and are unsure what to do, consider Hannah's advice.

“Being a victim of verbal or physical abuse can be quite frightening, try and remain calm. Take yourself to a place of safety, this could be inside a shop where there are more people, under street lamps to stay visible or simply lock yourself inside of your vehicle. Call 999 should you feel you are in immediate danger."

You may have already experienced similar circumstances and be relieved to know it's not just you. There is so much to consider when out and about, be sure to read part 2, which focuses on helpful practical tips for each situation.

We would love to hear from you, your stories help us to make our App better. Let's work together to keep the Delivery community safe! Use the comment box, direct message us, or email us

Stay safe out there,

Spencer Taylor

CEO at DALUS Technologies Ltd

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